Miami!!! It is….

We had an amazing time, lot of fun and laughs in Miami. It was very nice to feel warm 80 degrees in winter.  We enjoyed every second of this short trip from Home cooked delicacy dishes to early morning 5 hour drive. Thank you Sushant and Bijaya for taking care of us!

Miami-3 Miami-6 Miami-7 Miami-8 Miami-9 Miami-10 Miami-11 Miami-12 Miami-13 Miami-14 Miami-15 Miami-16 Miami-17 Miami-18 Miami-19 Miami-20 Miami-21 Miami-22 Miami-23 Miami-24 Miami-25 Miami-26 Miami-27 Miami-28 Miami-29 Miami-30 Miami-31 Miami-32 Miami-33 Miami-34 Miami-35 Miami-36 Miami-37 Miami-38 Miami-39 Miami-40 Miami-41  Miami-43 Miami-44 Miami-45 Miami-46 Miami-47 Miami-48 Miami-49 Miami-50 Miami-51 Miami-52 Miami-53 Miami-54 Miami-55

Miami-63Miami-56 Miami-57 Miami-58  Miami-60 Miami-61 Miami-62  Miami-64 Miami-65 Miami-66 Miami-67


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