First Blog!!! Trying to put this website together

Creating website is not that easy. I finally choose the design and layout for my personal website. Hope fully it will be up and running in few days. This is my test and first blog on this personal website. I am Putting up the pictures of a short hike to Raven Rock, NC with my beautiful wife and very good friends. Raven Rock State Park is a North Carolina state park in Harnett County, North Carolina in the United States. Located near Lillington, North Carolina, it covers 4,694 acres along the banks of the Cape Fear River.

P6S_ravenpark-18 P6S_ravenpark-17 P6S_ravenpark-16 P6S_ravenpark-15 P6S_ravenpark-14 P6S_ravenpark-13 P6S_ravenpark-11 P6S_ravenpark-10 P6S_ravenpark-9 P6S_ravenpark-8 P6S_ravenpark-7 P6S_ravenpark-6 P6S_ravenpark-4 P6S_ravenpark-3 P6S_ravenpark-2 P6S_ravenpark-1

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