Manjil Shrestha

Manjil Shrestha

'What an amazing life I get to live! I have an amazing, supportive wife, the most incredible parents I could have ever asked for- and I get to make a living doing what I absolutely love to do....create images, still and moving.'

My name is Manjil Shrestha and I’m a professional photographer/Cinematographer and Graphic Designer.I am originally from the beautiful country of Nepal… Kathmandu, to be specific. I have a degree in Photography from Texas A&M University, Commerce and my studies have led me to my true passion in life which is photography! I started with Photography but then it led me to Graphic designing. I have been a professional photographer for over 5 years and doing freelance graphic designing for different companies throughout United States. I am a Founder and Lead Photographer of Pixel 6 Studio as well. I have a passion for people and life. Ever since I can remember, I loved looking at the world through my lens and layout visually appealing designing in paper and web.

You can also visit www.Pixel6Studio.com for my wedding Photos and Videos.